Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Perfect Harmony will be yours and your skin's with the Mary Kay Botanical Customized Skin Care Collection.

Each product includes Mary Kay's exclusive Bio-Enriched complex - a nutritional blend of botanical ingredients that features:

  • Ginseng
  • Pomegranate
  • Oat

    These powerful botanicals were selected for their unique benefits.

    Ginseng - For centuries, it has been used as a skin-conditioning ingredient.

    Pomegranate - A rich source of anti-oxidants, which is known to neutralize potentially harmful compounds known as free radicals.

    Oat - Improves the appearance of the skin as it soothes and moisturizes.

    Formula 1 - Dry Skin

    HIBISCUS is added to all Formula 1 products to help alleviate the uncomfortably tight feel and redness often associated with dry skin.  Enriched with HIBISCUS, the dry skin system immediately comforts, soothes & softens, restoring skin to a renewed radiance.

    Cleanser 1
    Mask 1
    Freshener 1
    Moisturizer 1

    Formula 2 - Normal Skin

    The BEECH TREE is known as the tree of eternal youth.  Its extract is reported to enhance the skin's natural beauty.  To keep normal skin in beautiful balance, the extract of BEECH TREE bud is added to all Formula 2 products which energizes and revitalize, enhancing the skin's natural beauty.

    Cleanser 2
    Mask 2
    Freshener 2
    Moisturizer 2

    Formula 3 - Oily Skin

    For oily skin, WITCH HAZEL is added to all Formula 3 products to help clarify the skin.  When used in skin care products, WITCH HAZEL has been shown to act as a mild astringent, helping control oil production so less oil is found on the skin's surface.

    Cleanser 3
    Mask 3
    Freshener 3
    Moisturizer 3


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